Samantha Ortiz Casillas

Ph.D. Candidate in Management

Email: ortizcasillas (at)
Twitter: @ortizcam
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I am an ethnographer interested in the study of work and organization in the contexts of public administration and political activism. My current research focuses on the work of public servants and the challenges that arise from their interaction with political actors and interests. In particular, I want to understand how expert work in public organizations is shaped or conditioned by conflicting professional, organizational, social, and political demands. Other research projects focus on the participation of workers and activists in organized collective action.

I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. I studied International Relations at La Trobe University in Australia and a Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration at the Center for Economics Research and Teaching (CIDE) in Mexico. I am currently a PhD candidate in Management at Emlyon Business School in France.

Research Interests

Regulation, public administration, politics, expertise, populism, organizational control, commitment, responsibility


  • Ethnographic Study of Regulation and Policy Analysis Work in Mexico
  • The political is Also Personal: Responsibilization in Organizations
  • Institutional Scaffolding: Inhabiting an Institution in Decline


Ortiz Casillas, S. (2020) Caring as an Organizing Principle: Reflections on Ethnography of and as Care. Journal of Management Studies.