Research Center for Work, Technology, and Organization

Work, Technology, & Organization is a social science research center located at emlyon business school. We study work and expertise in the context of technological, organizational, and institutional change.

Our research focuses on the role of expertise and professions in shaping technological, organizational, and institutional change, and reciprocally, how such changes are reshaping expertise, professions, and work.

We draw on a range of research methods to advance theoretical and practical knowledge of the ongoing transformation of work and implications for collaboration, control, and inequality.


Congratulations to 2020 Robert Chambers Award winners Soumyo Das & Silvia Masiero.

Welcome to Nicholas Occhiuto who will join emlyon in September 2021 as Assistant Professor.

Ruthanne Huising will be the keynote speaker at the BAM Virtual Conference in September 2021 for the session, “Expertise for the 21st Century”.

Address: emlyon business school
23 Avenue Guy de Collongue 69130 Écully France

Email: huising(at)