Research Center for Work, Technology, and Organization

Work, Technology, & Organization is a social science research center located at Emlyon Business School. We study work and expertise in the context of technological, organizational, and institutional change.

Our research focuses on the role of expertise and professions in shaping technological, organizational, and institutional change, and reciprocally, how such changes are reshaping expertise, professions, and work.

We draw on a range of research methods to advance our theoretical and practical understanding of ongoing transformations of work, and its implications for collaboration, control, and inequality.


New Research Article: “Pause, Pivot, and Shift:
Situational Human Capital and Responses to Sudden Job Loss”, by Nicholas Occhiuto (with Heba Gowayed & Ashley Mears), in American Behavioral Scientist.

New Research Article: “Enabling disruptive innovations: a comparative case study of Uber in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco”, by Nicholas Occhiuto, in Socio-Economic Review.

New Research Article: “Accountability Infrastructures: Pragmatic Compliance Inside Organizations”, by Ruthanne Huising and Susan Silbey, in Regulations & Governance. 

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Écully France

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