Nicholas Occhiuto

Assistant Professor

Email: occhiuto (at)
Twitter: @NickOcchiuto

I am an economic sociologist and ethnographer whose research interests include work and occupations and corporate political activity.

I was born in New York City, and received my PhD in Sociology from Yale University. I also received an MA in Sociology from Columbia University, and an BA in Sociology and Philosophy from New York University.

Research Interests

Economic Sociology, Work and Occupations, Corporate Political Activity, Qualitative Methods

Selected Publications

Anteby, M. and Occhiuto, N., 2020. “Stand-in Labor and the Rising Economy of Self.” Social Forces, 98 (3): 1287-1310.

Occhiuto, N. 2017. “Investing in Independent Contract Work: The Significance of Schedule Control for Taxi Drivers.” Work and Occupations, 44 (3): 268-95.

Erikson, E. and Occhiuto, N. 2017. “Social Networks and Macro-Historical Change.” Annual Review of Sociology, 43: 229-48.