Teresa Domenech

Ph.D. Student in Management

Email: domenech (at) em-lyon.com
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My research focuses on regulatory initiatives around risks of technological and scientific developements where ethical considerations become a central part of the discussion. In my current work I use archival data to study of the work of a professional association of engineers in the US that leads to a global initiative on ethics of artifical intellegent systems. I am also studying the discussions that took place in the development of recommendations of a US Agency to achieve biosafety and biosecurity in experimentation with dangerous pathogens.

I was born in Madrid, Spain. I studied the degrees of Law and Business Administration at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, spending a year in Viena at the Wirtschaft Universit├Ąt. Then I did a Masters in Economy of Innovation at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and worked as a research assistant at IESE Business School. I am currently a Ph.D. student at EmLyon Business School.

Research Interests

Risks, technology, ethics, public scrutinity, professions


  • Ethically Alligned Desing: Engineers moving from ethical principles to practice.
  • Gain of Function Research: Experts struggles to meassure the risks of scientific research with pathogens.
  • Comparative study of AI and scientific experimentation with pathogens.
  • Literature review on professions.