Soumyo Das

Ph.D. Student in Management

Email: das (at)
Twitter: @soumyoin
Links: CV, ResearchGate

I am interested in studying organisational use of digital technologies, and my current research focusses on exploring relational work in digital economic exchanges. Trained as a qualitative researcher, I predominantly draw from ethnographic methods for my research. I am also interested in exploring the role of public policy in influencing processes of strategic decision-making for digital transformation in organisations.

Born in India, I am currently a Ph.D. student in Management at Emlyon Business School, France. Prior to my doctoral studies, I graduated with a Research Master’s degree in Information & Society from IIIT Bangalore. I hold an undergraduate degree in the applied sciences, and worked for a brief period in technology consulting for financial institutions in APAC markets.

Research Interests

Digital Transformation, Trust, Relational Work, Professions, Strategic Information Leadership


  • Relational Work in Digital Economic Transactions

Selected Publications

Das S. (2021). Surveillance in the Time of Coronavirus: Case of the Indian Contact Tracing Application Aarogya Setu. In: Milan S., Treré E., Masiero S. (eds) COVID-19 from the Margins: Pandemic Invisibilities, Policies and Resistance in the Datafied Society, 57-61.

Das S., & Chaudhuri B. (2020). In Technology We Trust? Human Skills & Intermediaries in Digital Retail Banking. In: Bandi R.K., C. R. R., Klein S., Madon S., Monteiro E. (eds) The Future of Digital Work: The Challenge of Inequality, 281-294.

Masiero, S., & Das, S. (2019). Datafying anti-poverty programmes: Implications for data justice. Information, Communication & Society, 22(7), 916-933.