Kartikeya Bajpai

Assistant Professor of Work & Organizations

Email: bajpai (at) em-lyon.com
Website: kartikeyabajpai.com
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I am an Assistant Professor of Work & Organizations at EM Lyon Business School. My research interests focus on the embedding of knowledge workers and experts within organizations. I use a variety of methodological approaches to understand these issues, including, big-data textual analysis, social network analysis, and field and interview methods. I designed and teach a new elective in the PGE program titled AI@Work. I completed my PhD in the Management and Organizations department at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. I am also a graduate of Penn State (M.S. in Information Science), University of Florida (Information Systems and Operations Management) and National Institute of Technology, Trichy (B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering).

Research Interests

Project 1 : The Relational Aspects of Regulating Clinical Work:

This project examines organizational attempts to monitor and influence the work of professionals through the use of internal regulatory agents. In particular, the study examines the case of clinical documentation specialists within hospitals, who serve as internal regulatory agents and monitor the clinical notes of physicians.

 Project 2: Sociability & Expert Performance:

This project utilizes machine learning and quantitative analyses to investigate the relationship between workplace sociability and expert performance.

 Project 3: Emotional Competence and Post-Crisis Behavior within Organizations

This project examines the post-crisis interactions of employees belonging to a hedge fund that was raided by regulators investigating alleged insider trading practices. The quantitative analysis focuses on the relationship between the fit of an employee (as deduced by linguistic analysis) within the interactional order of the organization and the distancing behaviors of others towards them in the aftermath of the crisis event.

Selected Publications

Bajpai, K., Chown, J., Astik, G., & Green, K. (2021). The Relational Aspects of Regulating Clinical Work: Examining Electronic and In-person Compliance Mechanisms. Forthcoming in BMJ Leader 

Laperrière, M., & Bajpai, K. (2020). Bodies in Places: Addressing Domestic Violence in a Pandemic. Contexts, 19(2).

Bajpai, Kartikeya. 2018. Book review: Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism by Nancy Wang Yuen. Sociological Inquiry, 88 (2): 370-372 p.

Hirsch, Paul M. , Bajpai, Kartikeya. 2018. Afterword: The Creative Industries – Arts and Materiality Redux., Frontiers of Creative Industries: Exploring Structural and Categorical Dynamics. Emerald, 271-281 p.

Bajpai, Kartikeya, Weber, Klaus. 2017. Privacy in Public: Translating the Category of Privacy to the Digital Age., From Categories to Categorization: Studies in Sociology, Organizations and Strategy at the Crossroads. : Emerald Publishing, 223-258 p.