Heloise Fernandes Agreli

Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: agreli (at) em-lyon.com
Twitter: @heloiseagreli
Links: CVResearchGate

I am researcher whose research interests include work, coordination and collaboration in healthcare organizations.

I was born in Sao Paulo, where I started my education as a nurse with a specialized master in Health Management. My frontline experience as nurse and manager of health services laid the foundation for my academic interest in health care teams and their everyday work. I received my Phd in Health Sciences from the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) with joint supervision from the University of Southampton (UK). My studies are often developed in interdisciplinary projects funded by European and Latin American bodies.

Research Interests

Qualitative Methods, Work, Teams, Leadership, Healthcare Services

Selected Publications

Agreli H, Huising R, Peduzzi M. (2021) Role reconfiguration: Implications of technological change for work and collaboration in health care. BMJ Leader. Forthcoming: https://doi.org/leader-2020-000224

Oliveira NLZ, Agreli HLF, Matsumoto KDS, Peduzzi M.(2021)Implementation of evidence-based nutritional management in primary health care settings: a systematic scoping review. Australian Journal of Primary Health.

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Peduzzi, M, Agreli, H, Silva, J., Souza, H. (2020). Trabalho em equipe: uma revisita ao conceito e seus  desobramentos no trabalho interprofissional. Trabalho, Educação e Saúde, 18(Suppl. 1), e0024678. DOI:10.1590/1981-7746-sol00246

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